By the Road is a sound-art / sculpture / land art-project. I have produced a vinyl-record consisting of the soundtracks with an edition of 200 ex. I will place the records in a stack of 200 as a sculpture, like they are left behind, residue. On the record there is a description of the project. The sculpture has earlier been exhibited in earlier versions at Land-shape, Århus and ISEA2015, Vancouver.

The content of the record 

The record consists of 8 tracks that are transcriptions, that one converts sound to notes, the sound from car- scenes of famous movies. This was performed by a death-metal band and recorded in studio.

By the Road has a duration of 26 minutes. e listener can search for and find the record, take it home to listen to it and synchronize the tracks to the original films since the tracks has the title with time-codes from the lm the sound is taken from. I have used sound from scenes from Duel, Bullitt, Vanishing Point, Drive, Ronin, Le Mans and Badlands.



Utterances part 1
Utterances is a composition for SATB choir and is a transcription of an interview og the French/Rumanian feminist and psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva. A transcription of the interview will be supplied so that the audience can follow the interview.

The theme of the interview is Kristevas theories about the poetic language and how children and babies use language in a non-descriptive way.

Utterances part 2
This part will consist of several movie-scenes, where people communicate without words, but with sound. The choir will sing and replace the sound simultaneous as the film scene is played.

Utterances part 3
Utterances part 3 consists of a documentary of a woman with Asberger that communicates with things/objects with sounds. The choir will sing a transcription of the sounds of the documentary.


Lecture: For perfect tune organ


The Typist: Purloined Letters: A hired secretary writes down Poe´s “Purloined letter” on a Typa-tune, typingmachine-Glockenspiel At the Only Connect festival 2013.